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4 Simple Ways to Manage Dust Allergies

One good way to keep allergies under control is to dust all of the surfaces in your house weekly. And even if you don’t have a dust allergy, you could have an allergic reaction to any one of the particles it harbors, from dead skin to pet dander to pollen.

  • When preparing to dust, clean your clutter from tables and countertops. All loose items are a magnet for dust;

  • Consider wearing a face mask. This will help keep away allergens that are scattered in the air;

  • Before you start dusting, try to shake out your linens, rugs, and blankets outside;

  • Limit the amount of chemicals that you use for dusting by just cleaning with a damp cloth or fiber duster;

  • Clean your home from top to bottom, making sure you push dust down, so you can collect it with a vacuum at the end.

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