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Nickel Allergy

Foods, pollen, and pets are well-known culprits of allergic reactions, but regular everyday things like cellphones or coins can be allergy triggers too.

Electronics, jewelry, zippers, bra hooks, belt buckles, coins, and so many other common products contain nickel that can cause itchy rashes on the skin exposed to the metal.

Rashes often occur at the point of contact, like the earlobes, wrists or cheeks and tend to last for a few weeks. The reaction can follow within a few hours after contact, or it may develop after years of repeated exposure.

Wet skin is more likely to respond to nickel. People are more likely to develop allergies to nickel if they work in an occupation that requires constant exposure to the metal, like nurses, cashiers, caterers, and metalworkers.

Females are also at higher risk of developing a nickel allergy than males. Once your immune system has reacted to nickel, your body will always be sensitive to it.

Avoiding a repeated or prolonged exposure to products containing nickel is the best way to stop an allergic reaction from developing.

If you have a rash on the skin and are unsure of its nature, talk to a specialist about diagnosis and treatment.

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